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Concrete Ring Saw Blades

14" Premium Diamond Ring Saw Blade designed for deep cutting of cured concrete, reinforced concrete, concrete slab, Dry/wet cutting, Segment Height 10mm. 

Cordiam Concrete Ring Saw Blades are designed for Husqvarna 14'' K 6500 Ring machine. Choose from different blade options depending on the material you want to cut. The highest quality diamond allows for optimal cutting speed and longevity. 

This concrete ring saw blades are preferred choice for underground contractors, excavators, and water departments seeking precision and efficiency in their cutting operations.

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  1. This 14-inch Concrete Ring Saw Blades features a laser-welded diamond tip that provides a stronger bond between the tip and core, ensuring longer blade life and better cutting performance.

  2. With cutting depths up to 270mm, deeper cuts reduce the digging of buried pipes and conduits, increasing your safety and profits.

  3. No vibration when cutting concrete.

  4. Both Dry and Wet Use.

350mm Laser Welded Concrete-Ring Type Blade


Item No.DiameterSegment HeightSegment Width

OEM service offered.

350mm Laser Welded Concrete-Ring Type Blade

OEM package

Besides the neutral white box package, we have the OEM finishing package such as individual blister and paper insert for the blade. We can also make the package as your design, and provide package design service too.

350mm Laser Welded Concrete-Ring Type Blade

Corediam Introduction

Corediam Tools Co., Ltd., as a high-tech enterprise, concentrates on researching & developing manufacturing and marketing diamond tools industry. We have the most extensive, innovative and powerful range of diamond tools for construction, stone and DIY markets. Corediam strives to be the leading professional supplier in the world through technology innovation.

350mm Laser Welded Concrete-Ring Type Blade


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