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What are Diamond Core Drill Bits and Why should you use them?

Diamond core bits are considered the most effective and efficient method for cutting tough materials and are widely used in the tile industry for drilling holes in tiles. But what are diamond core bits, and what are their advantages over other drill bits? Here are some facts about diamond core bits:

What are diamond core drill bits:

Diamond Core Drill Bits are tools used for drilling holes in various materials such as concrete, stone, and masonry. These bits are embedded with diamond particles on the cutting edge, allowing them to cut through hard materials effectively. The most common methods used to manufacture diamond core drill bits are electroplating and vacuum brazing. Vacuum brazed diamond core drill bits are created by welding diamond particles in a high-temperature vacuum brazing furnace. These bits are more durable, maintain sharpness for longer periods, and can cut through harder materials such as ceramic tiles.

Corediam diamond core bits are made using the electroplating and vacuum brazing method to provide tilers with the most durable tools for precision drilling of concrete, stone & tiles.

What are the advantages of diamond core drill bits:

Cut through tough materials: Diamond core drill bits are capable of cutting through the toughest tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, and even natural stone. Their diamond-impregnated tips provide exceptional cutting power.

Less debris and dust: Compared to traditional drilling methods, diamond core drill bits produce less debris and dust. This is particularly important for indoor applications where minimizing mess is desirable.

High-speed drilling: Diamond drill bits can be used with incredible speed tearing through everything from concrete to marble. This saves time and effort, especially in large projects.

Low noise levels: Diamond core drill bits produce less noise compared to other drilling methods, making them more suitable for use in residential and commercial areas where noise pollution is a concern.

Cost-effective: While diamond core drill bits may have a higher initial cost compared to other drill bits, they are more durable and have a longer lifespan. This makes them cost-effective in the long run as they require fewer replacements.

Environmental and health benefits: Diamond core drill bits are considered more environmentally friendly as they produce less waste and dust. Additionally, their low noise levels can benefit the health of workers and nearby residents.

Corediam diamond core bits

* Corediam Diamond Core Bits are electroplated and vacuum brazed to ensure high quality and durability. Each type of bit has its advantages and is suited for different applications.

* We have a large range of core bits, with sizes ranging from 5mm to 112mm. Either M14 or Hex adapters are available, so our core bits can be used in angle grinders , drills , electrical drill.

* Corediam Diamond Core Bits can be used at extremely fast speeds, over to 11,000rpm.

What are Diamond Core Drill Bits and Why should you use them?

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From foundation work to renovations, our diamond core bits are the go-to choice for contractors who demand the best. Experience the difference in performance and durability, and see why our bits are the top choice in the industry.

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