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Stone Core Drill Bits

Stone Core Drill Bit for Granite and Marble

Stone Core Drill Bits are designed for granite and marble, these precision tools ensure smooth and precise drilling every time. Our Core bits work with Angle Grinders, Core Drill Machines, or Standard Drills. We have a range of diamond core drill bits which are perfect for drilling different stone types. Including diamond core bits for granite and other stones including marble - if you are looking to drill worktop stone then we have the perfect drilling core sets for whatever stone you are working with. 

Many of our stone core drill bits are available in a range of sizes depending on the job. Our core drills bits range from 20mm through to 162mm.

Wholesale Diamond Core Drill bits for Stone and Tile directly from the manufacturer

Corediam diamond core drill manufacturer produce different core drill for stone market, Mainly used for drilling holes on stone and tile. Can be dry drilling or with water. Both OEM and ODM are available.

  1. Payment Terms: LC, T/T, Western Union,Paypal

  2. Min. Order Quantity: OEM is 100pcs MOQ .ODM 200PCS MOQ.

  3. Delivery time: 30days.

  4. Sample: Support.

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