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Diamond Cup Wheels

Diamond cup wheels serve multiple purposes, including grinding, cutting, and polishing concrete, hard concrete, marble, granite, and field stones. They're also effective for removing paint, chemicals, film, and epoxy coating. Our range of diamond grinding cup wheels features various styles with segmented designs for swift grinding and cutting. Many include sizable perforations for improved dust collection and to maintain blade coolness during cutting. These wheels cater to a broad spectrum of tasks, ranging from basic form cleanup to concrete polishing, floor surface preparation, and concrete shaping.

The type of diamond cup wheel needed depends on your application and the hardness of the concrete or masonry materials you're grinding. For hard concrete, a soft bond in the diamond cup wheel is ideal. This soft bond helps replace worn-down diamonds more efficiently, exposing sharper ones for faster grinding and cutting. Conversely, for softer concrete, a hard bond is recommended to prolong diamond life by reducing unnecessary wear. Our 12-segment diamond cup wheel serves for smoothing, shaping, or beveling, while our segmented turbo, arrow, and spiral cup wheels aid in faster and more comprehensive material removal.

Corediam Tools offers a comprehensive selection of diamond cup wheels designed to ensure optimal results from the get-go. Corediam Tools provides an extensive line of these wheels, catering to diverse applications. Our range includes various configurations tailored to extract the best performance and achieve superior finishes when used with a wide array of handheld grinders available in the market. Additionally, we've crafted our own blades, proven in the industry, to assist in tackling challenging tasks effectively. Specifically, our soft bonded cup wheel is tailored for exceptionally tough hard concrete, a material increasingly encountered in various projects.

Explore our diverse range of Diamond Cup Wheels—varied styles, configurations, and superior quality to elevate your projects. Contact us now for top-notch options tailored to your needs!

Diamond Cup Wheels

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