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Granite Cutting Blade

As a trusted manufacturer specializing in granite cutting discs, Corediam Tools Factory is proud to offer a range of diamond blades for cutting granite. Including hot pressing sintering and laser welding granite cutting blades. Our blades produce less debris and work faster.

Our range of blades are from 105mm-600mm.

Corediam Tools manufacture and wholesale granite cutting blades at a competitive price.

  1. Payment Terms: LC, T/T, Western Union,Paypal

  2. Min. Order Quantity: OEM is 100pcs MOQ .ODM 200PCS MOQ.

  3. Delivery time: 30days.

  4. Sample: Support.

Custom Order for Diamond Blades

We work tirelessly during the manufacturing process of Granite Cutting Blade to achieve better diamond depth, faster cutting speed and longer service life at a competitive price.

Be confident that no matter what your project needs, we will have the right Granite Cutting Blade for your project at an affordable price.

  1. Special sizes and shapes of cutter heads can be provided according to customer requirements.

  2. If you have specific cutting requirements, it is best to tell us the power and speed requirements of your cutting motor/handheld cutter/.

  3. OEM finishing package such as individual blister and paper insert for the blade is available according to customer requirements. We can also make the package as your design, and provide package design service too.

Corediam Tools - Granite Cutting Blade and Disc Supplier, one of our largest selections of granite diamond blades. These diamond saw blades are ideal for granite sawing applications. Corediam's diamond saw blades are designed for use on a variety of saws, including circular saws, tile saws, and large format granite cutting saws. Corediam's diamond saw blades for stone cutting and granite cutting cut quickly. If you have questions about Granite Cutting Blades, our sales and technical experts will be happy to assist you.

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