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Different Types of Segments and Crowns for Diamond Core Bits

Segment & Crowns

Segment and crowns are essential components of diamond core bits used for drilling holes in tough materials like concrete, stone, and other hard surfaces. 

Segments: These are the individual parts of the outer edge of the core bit. Segments are made of a mixture of diamonds and metal powders that are pressed and sintered (bonded) together. The segments contain the actual cutting diamonds that grind away the material being drilled. The number, shape, and quality of the segments affect the performance and lifespan of the core bit.

Crowns: The crown is the entire outer edge of the core bit, consisting of all the segments. The crown's diameter determines the size of the hole being drilled. Crowns can vary in diameter, number of segments, and segment arrangement depending on the specific drilling requirements.

Both segments and crowns are critical for the efficiency and effectiveness of diamond core bits, as they determine how well the bit can cut through the material being drilled.

Here are different types of segments and crowns for diamond core bits:

Shark Tooth Segments:

  • For reinforced concrete, exposed aggregate and precast concrete

  • Developed with a softer bond for a fast, aggressive cut and long life

  • Serrated design grips straight into the substrate reducing deviation from point of contact

Concrete Rooftop Segments:

  • Designed specifically for drilling through concrete

  • These segments offer durability and efficiency when cutting through this hard material.

Abrasive Rooftop Segments:

  • These segments are coated with abrasive materials like diamond grit, offering enhanced cutting performance when drilling through abrasive materials such as asphalt or heavily reinforced concrete.

Regular Crowns: 

  • For reinforced concrete, exposed aggregate and precast concrete

  • Featured on core bits < 66mm in diameter

High-Speed Crowns:

  • High-speed crowns are designed for applications where drilling speed is a priority. 

  • For heavily reinforced / high MPa concrete

  • Featured on core bits < 45mm in diameter

  • Developed with a softer bond and larger diamonds to make faster cutting speeds compared to regular crowns.

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Different Types of Segments and Crowns for Diamond Core Bits

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