Quality Control


There is a strict quality control system, and our products have passed strict audits before delivery to customers. It includes raw material inspection, matrix inspection, production process inspection, semi-finished product control, finished product inspection and other aspects of quality control.

Quality Control Process

Diameter inspection

01 Diameter inspection

Thickness inspection

02 Thickness inspection

Arbor inspection

03 Arbor inspection

Flatness inspection

04 Flatness inspection

Side clearance inspection

05 Side clearance inspection

Tension inspection

06 Tension inspection

Safety bending test

07 Safety bending test

Tension test

08 Tension test

Core Drill Barrel Quality Control System

Core Drill Barrel Quality Control System

Core Drill Barrel Inspection

1) Appearance

2) External diameter

3) Connector dimension & thread

4) Tube thickness

5) Tube Length

6) Radius-ran out

Quality Control System


  • Visual inspection

    01 Visual inspection

  • Steel core inspection

    02 Steel core inspection

  • Safety inspection

    03 Safety inspection

  • Metallography

    04 Metallography

  • Cutting performance  test

    05 Cutting performance test

  • Side clearance inspection

    06 Side clearance inspection

  • Tension inspection

    07 Tension inspection

Product Test

Test Material

Test Equipment

Testing Process

Testing Process

C30 Concrete

C30 Concrete

Pavement Block

Pavement Block

Local Granite

Local Granite

635 Granite

635 Granite

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