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Diamond Drill Bits For Porcelain Tile

Porcelain / Tile Core Drill Bits

Discover high-performance diamond drill bits designed for making precise holes in porcelain and tile at Corediam Tools

Our core bits feature high diamond vacuum brazing, ensuring exceptional performance and long lifespan. 

With a high diamond concentration, our Porcelain Core Bits efficiently grind through porcelain stone while maintaining low temperatures to prevent diamond loss. 

Choose from a wide range of sizes and applications, including dry and wet cutting options, to suit your specific needs.

Diamond Drill Bits For Porcelain Tile


Q: Why use diamond drill bits for porcelain tile?

A: Porcelain tile is a hard material that can be difficult to drill through using traditional drill bits. Diamond drill bits are specifically designed to cut through porcelain tile efficiently and effectively.

Q: How do diamond drill bits work on porcelain tile?

A: Diamond drill bits work by grinding away the material as they rotate. The diamond particles on the tip of the bit are extremely hard and can easily cut through the tough surface of porcelain tile.

Q: How do I choose the right size diamond drill bit for my project?

A: The size of the diamond drill bit you need will depend on the size of the hole you want to drill. Measure the diameter of the hole you need and choose a drill bit that is slightly larger to ensure a clean, precise hole.

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