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Wall Saw Blade

The wall saw blade, designed for cutting through thick concrete, bricks, and other tough materials, is well-suited for precise and efficient cutting in construction and demolition projects. It maintains a consistent speed and effortless cutting performance even under harsh conditions.

As a supplier of wall saw blades, Corediam provides you with wall saw blades of sizes from 600mm to 1600mm, which are suitable for cutting walls of different thicknesses.

Common sizes of wall saw blades Corediam manufactured:

Item No.DiameterSegment HeightSegment WidthArbor

Available blade segment style:

Our concrete wall sawing blades are available in a variety of head styles, U Type, V Type Segment, Turbo Type Segment and Straight Type Segment each designed for a specific cutting purpose.

blade segment style

Wholesale Wall saw blades from the Corediam:

Wholesale Wall Saw Blades From Corediam Tools, What You Need To Know To Order:

Payment Terms: LC, T/T, Western Union,Paypal


Packaging Details: Wooden case

Delivery time: Bulk order can be finished within 30 days

Supply Ability: 5000-6000 psc per month. 

Min.Order Quantity: Negotiable.

After sales service:

Follow up and feedback the shipping status of the goods ordered by the customer to the customer;

Track customer test sample feedback;

Product quality is guaranteed. Once quality problems occur, customer quality complaints will be dealt with in a timely manner and solutions and cost compensation will be provided.

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