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Sinter hot-pressed Blade with Turbo Segment

Concave Turbo Blade for Stone Cutting is universal  dry and wet cutting blades, normally, the diameter is from 4 inch  to 7 inch , the continuous rim turbo concave blade is  designed  for clean accurate cutting for curved cutting in granite and marble.115mm Sinter Hot-pressed Concave Cutting Disc  is can be applicated for curved cutting in granite and marble with superior efficiency. It can be installed on the angle grinder.OEM service is available.

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Item No.DiameterSegment HeightSegment WidthArbor

Cutting Materials & Equipment

Cutting materials: marble and granite.
Install equipment: angle grinder.


 - Suitable for dry/wet cutting
 - offer the fastest and most reliable way to cut out holes in your natural stone slabs.
 -Concave blades can save time and money versus traditional diamond blades.
 -It has the most speed in harder stones.

Corediam Service

We Corediam provide full diamond blade solution for your project, offering customized diamond blade dependent on the demand of your stone cutting project.

Delivery time

For sample test, we can finish preparation within 2 weeks
Our leading time will be about 2-3 weeks for the batch order.

14 Inch Diamond Marble Blade/Diamond Saw Blade/Diamond Disc/Diamond Tool


Besides the neutral white box package, we have the OEM finishing package such as individual blister and paper insert for the blade. We can also make the package as your design, and provide package design service too.


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