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Shark Segment For Diamond Core Bits

Diamond Core Drill Segment-Shark segment Type

A shark tooth-shaped diamond core drill segment is designed to enhance drilling efficiency and performance. Its unique serrated shape provides aggressive cutting action, allowing the drill bit to penetrate various materials with ease and reducing deviation from point of contact. The sharp edges of the segment improve cutting speed and reduce friction, resulting in faster drilling and longer segment life. Shark shape segment for diamond core bits are particularly effective for drilling hard materials such as concrete, stone, and masonry.

In addition to shark segments, we also provide you with ordinary rectangular segments, roof segments, turbine segments, crown segments, dimple segments, etc. (Different Types of Segments and Crowns for Diamond Core Bits). We accept making any size and any item according to your design. Contact us now.

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Delivery time Specification Corediam introduction

Delivery time

2 weeks for samples after order confirmed.
3 weeks for batch order after payment confirmed.


Segments are suitable for the diameter of the bit 25/32/36/42/52/62/66mm
Segments of bits diameter 76/82/92/102/112/127/132/152/162/172/182/200mm


shark segment for diamond core bits

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Dimple Diamond Sgemnt With Long Drilling Life-span


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