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Sintered super thin tile blade

   1. The Mesh turbo segment design increases cooling and dust extraction to achieve the fast cutting speed with minimum chippings, soft and fine edge cutting.

   2. Superior Quality Designed for fast cutting and stable life for porcelain tile, ceramic tile, marble, granite, slate and similar materials.

   3. The blade is suitable to be used on hand-held angle grinders, circular saws, tile saws. Please follow the safety symbols before the cutting work starts.

   4. The reinforced steel core of the blade is guaranteed in enough strength in high speed cutting especially in dry condition.

   5. It's Universal application in dry or wet cutting.

   6.  Arbor Size: 7/8" with 5/8" copper bushing.

Manufacturing technologySinter hot-pressing
Diameter range105mm,115mm,125mm
Segment20/10mm, Mesh segments thickness super thin
Applicationwet cutting tile, ceramic, ceramic tile, porcelain with a clear edge
Install equipmentAngle grinder, handheld circular saw

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Features of Mesh Segment Super Thin Blade Specification Delivery Time How is the quality? Manufacturing & Quality Control Packaging Corediam introduction

Features of Mesh Segment Super Thin Blade

1). Sinter hot-pressing technology.

2). Wet Use.

3). Reinforced steel cores for stability.

4). Smooth cutting, free of chipping

5). Long cutting life


Item No.DiameterSegment HeightSegment ThicknessArbor

OEM service offered.


  • Sintered super thin tile blade

  • Sintered super thin tile blade

  • Sintered super thin tile blade

  • Sintered super thin tile blade

  • Sintered super thin tile blade

  • Sintered super thin tile blade

Delivery Time

Our leading time will be about 1 week for batch order.

Super Thin Tile Blade With Mesh Segment

How is the quality?

First, we have a very serious control system.

Second, in the face of different markets, we have different quality levels. The main promotion for Euro and US markets is the premium level. The main promotion for the Middle East Market is the standard level.

Third, the different quality level has different cutting speed and working life.

Manufacturing & Quality Control




Corediam introduction

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