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230mm Sinter Hot-Pressed Turbo Diamond Blade with Wave Core

Turbo segment of the Stone blade for better cooling and better dust removal, with  fast,  smooth cutting and long life.
The waved steel core improves rigidity, reduces friction, avoid to wobble
 . The wave turbo and reinforced base make the Sinter hot-pressed stone turbo blade with superior long life cutting. Continuous turbo saw blade, sinter hot-pressed turbo stone cutting disc, stone turbo saw blade with wave core.
The diameter ranges from 105mm to 350mm, the other size can be customed as your request.

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Cutting materials & equipment Features Specification Production process Delivery time Package Quality control systerm

Cutting materials & equipment

Cutting materials: granite, marble and other stone materials with good efficiency.
Install equipment: angle grinder, circular saw, tile saw



 - Fast cutting speed and small cutting gap and high cutting efficiency.
 - Suitable for dry/wet cutting
 - Specially designed fine turbo teeth and mature bond system provides extremely fast and smooth cutting.
 - Good cutting result: smooth and stable cutting, stone waste reduction.



Production process

Raw material→ powder mixing→steel core→cold press→sintering→surface treatment→packaging→dispatch


Delivery time

Sample delivery: If we have stock, the delivery time is within one week after we got your sample payment.
If we don't have stock, the delivery time will depend on the sample production.

For batch order, delivery time is usually 3-4 weeks after order confirmation and payment.



Quality control systerm




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