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400mm Marble Silent Blade With Low Noise

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Marble blade Introduction

This diamond saw blade is designed for marble cutting with sandwich steel core, fast and smooth cutting, long lifespan.Marble blade has narrow U slots, it also has good sharpness and high efficiency during working. At the same time, it has the better cutting result: slippy cutting, flat surface, and even size. Stable cutting, narrow cutting gap, stone waste reduction. Marble Saw Blade will be your best choice during marble cutting.


Materials & Equipment

Cutting materials: marble and other stone.
Install equipment: stone saw, tile saw, Masonry saw.


Manufacturer Technology: High-frequency brazed
Suitable: Wet cutting
Applications: Sandwich steel core, wet cutting marble with low noise!

Production Process

Raw material→ powder mixing → Steel core process → cold press → segment sintering → welding → surface treatment → package → dispatch 

Delivery time

For sample test, we can finish preparation within 2 weeks
Our leading time will be about 2-3 weeks for the batch order.

14 Inch Diamond Marble Blade/Diamond Saw Blade/Diamond Disc/Diamond Tool


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