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laser welded diamond core drill bits for dry drilling granite,marble

The dry core drill is laser welded by advanced laser welding production line, which ensures the core bits have high welding strength. This kind Dry core drill is used for stone drilling.
Common sizes of dry core drill are ranging 68mm to 82mm in size.
Dry core drill is used for professionally drilling kinds hardness of concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry without water.
Special turbo segments design make the segments have very excellent sharpness, achieving fast drilling.

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Manufacturer technology: Laser welding
Suitable: dry drilling concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry with superior efficiency.
Advantage: good segment sharpness, achieving fast drilling, without segment burnt.


Item No.DiameterSegment HeightArborTotal Length
SDCD0321501032mm10 M16150mm
SDCD0381501038mm10 M16150mm
SDCD0421501042mm10 M16150mm
SDCD0521501052mm10 M16150mm
SDCD0681501068mm10 M16150mm
SDCD0851501085mm10 M16150mm
SDCD10215010102mm10 M16150mm
SDCD10815010108mm10 M16150mm
SDCD11215010112mm10 M16150mm
SDCD12715010127mm10 M16150mm
SDCD15215010152mm10 M16150mm
SDCD16215010162mm10 M16150mm

Laser Welded Dry Core Drill for Stone Materials

Delivery time

1 weeks for samples after order confirmed.
2-3 weeks for batch order after payment confirmed.

Corediam service

We accept customized lengths and segments for wet core drills.
Also, we help to design the total solution of core drilling projects.

Corediam introduction

Corediam Tools Co., Ltd., as a high-tech enterprise, concentrates on researching & developing manufacturing and marketing diamond tools industry. We have the most extensive, innovative and powerful range of diamond tools for construction, stone and DIY markets. Corediam strives to be the leading professional supplier in the world through technology innovation.


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