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J-Segment Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

J Segment Diamond Cup Wheel is designed for faster and fine surface grinding on different kinds of concrete with light steel core. J segment diamond cup wheel is applied from soft to abrasive concrete and other masonry material. Brazing production technology can ensure high welding strength, make sure segments unbroken during grinding operation. 175mm silver brazed J diamond cup wheel is usually used on angel grinding, for smoothing rough or patched floors and feathering uneven joints or slab panels, you can use 175mm J-type grinding cup wheel for dry and wet grinding.

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1) Segment Length is 50mm, supergiant segments can enlarge the grinding square meter.

2) Segment numbers can be customized as your request.

3) Diamond grit and Metal bond are based on your grinding condition:
- Soft metal bond for grinding hard concrete;
- Hard metal bond for grinding soft concrete.

J-Segment Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel


Item No.DiameterSegment No.Segment ThicknessArbor


Rough surface grinding different kinds of concrete and masonry materials with superior efficiency

High-performance grinding product, with excellent efficient and reasonable lifespan.

Delivery & Packing

2 week for sample order, and 2-3 weeks for batch orders.

Our prodcution capacity of brazed cup wheel can reach 5000 pieces per week.

J-Segment Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

J-Segment Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

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J-Segment Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

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J-Segment Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel


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