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PCD Grinding Shoes For Epoxy

PCD Grinding Plate

PCD grinder heads are made of polycrystalline diamond segments. PCD segments make much more aggressive removal for epoxy and paint, rubber-based waterproof compounds, and acrylic paints from floors. The special design of the Grinding plate is one of the Abrasive wheels. This kind Diamond tool is used for grinding different hardness of concrete and masonry materials with superior efficiency. It's always used on Husqvarna grinding machines or other similar machines. We accept any customized items, any of your special designs are available here.

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PCD Grinding Plate is used for removing the epoxy coating on the surface of the concrete with superior efficiency. efficiency.

PCD Grinding Shoes For Epoxy

Delivery Time

1 week for sample order, if we have stock and 2-3 weeks for batch orders.

Corediam Introduction

Corediam Tools Co., Ltd., as a high-tech enterprise, concentrates on researching & developing the manufacturing and marketing diamond tools industry. We have the most extensive, innovative, and powerful range of diamond tools for construction, stone, and DIY markets. Corediam strives to be the leading professional supplier in the world through technology innovation.

PCD Grinding Shoes For Epoxy

PCD Grinding Shoes For Epoxy

PCD Grinding Shoes For Epoxy


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