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Diamond HTC Grinding Shoes for Floor Grinder with 2 Segments

HTC Diamond Grinding Shoes For HTC Floor Grinder

HTC diamond grinding shoes with 2 segments are specialized tools designed for surface preparation and concrete grinding. These shoes feature two diamond segments, which provide efficient grinding and long-lasting performance. They are used to remove coatings, rough surfaces, and imperfections from concrete floors, ensuring a smooth and even finish. Commonly applied in construction and renovation projects, they are essential for preparing surfaces before the application of new coatings, paints, or sealants.

Item No.Corediam-HTC Grinding Shoes
Product NameDiamond Grinding Shoe / Grinding Head
Size Of Segment8-13mm height
BondSoft, Medium hard, Hard
Segment SelectionsRectangle, Round, Hexagon, Rhomb, Arrow Shape, etc
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Applications Specification Note OEM Package


Grinding shoes are used for grinding different hardness of concrete and masonry materials with superior efficiency.

Long Life Diamond HTC Grinding Shoes


Item No.Segment No.Segment ThicknessDiamond Grit
CGHTD10212mmCoarse 35/40Medium 50/60Fine 100/120

Long Life Diamond HTC Grinding Plates for Floor Grinder


To choose the right diamond floor grinding shoe and diamond grinding cup wheels from suppliers, you must know the hardness of your concrete.

Concrete can be soft, hard, abrasive, dusty and brittle, etc. There are no two floors are ever the same, typically they are more abrasive when the floor is new or have a high sharp sand content. The more abrasive the floor the harder bond you will need to get the best performance out of the diamonds.

Bond - The strength of the metal binder that holds the diamond grit in the segment. Typically the harder the bond the longer the life. Soft concrete needs the hard bond, medium-hard bond for medium concrete, and soft bond for hard concrete.

Long Life Diamond HTC Grinding Shoes

OEM Package

Besides the neutral white box package, we have the OEM finishing package such as individual blister and paper insert for the blade. We can also make the package as your design, and provide package design service too.

Long Life Diamond HTC Grinding Shoes

Long Life Diamond HTC Grinding Shoes


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