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Turbo Core Bit Segments for Retipping

Turbo - Core Bit Segments for retipping

Turbo diamond core bits segments are designed for retipping diamond core drill bits. These segments feature a turbo design, which helps to increase drilling speed and efficiency. By using these segments for retipping, you can extend the life of your diamond core bits, saving time and money.

The advantage of turbo segments are quickly & smooth drilling and long life.

Turbo diamond core bit segment is mainly apply to cut for concrete, reinforced concrete. With fast cutting and and longer corning life. 

We have different formula of core bit segment according to different application.

We accept making any sizes and any items of your designs.

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Segment types Specification Corediam service

Segment types

Common items of the segments are normal rectangle segments, roof segments, turbo segments, crown segments dimple segments and so on.

Brazing turbo diamond core bits segment


Turbo Core Bit Segments for Retipping are suitable for the diameter of the bit 25/32/36/42/52/62/66mm

Turbo Core Bit Segments of bits diameter 76/82/92/102/112/127/132/152/162/172/182/200mm

CDSBBrazing or laser welding25/32/36/42/52/62/66/76/82/92/102/112/127/132/152/162/172/182/200mmconcrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, bricks and other construction materials


  • Turbo Core Bit Segments for Retipping

  • Turbo Core Bit Segments for Retipping

Corediam service

We accept customized lengths and segments for wet core drills.
Also, we help to design the total solution of core drilling projects.


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