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Asphalt Cutting Blade With U Slot

Asphalt cutting blade with U slot can be installed on handheld saw, floor saw, walk-behind saw, using for dry or wet cutting asphalt, green concrete and abrasive materials. EN13236 standards products guarantee a safe cutting conditions. Protective segments protect the steel core from undercutting. Standard, premium and professional quality levels blades options are as your request. High tension steel core asphalt blades are suitable for every popular brand handheld power saws and low power road saws.

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These blades are used for cutting asphalt, asphalt-concrete, green concrete and other abrasive materials with superior efficiency.

Asphalt Cutting Blade With U Slot


Item No.DiameterSegment HeightSegment WidthArbor

OEM service offered.

Delivery Time

Our leading time will be about 3 weeks for the batch order.

Asphalt Cutting Blade With U Slot

How is the quality?

First, we have a very serious control system.

Second, in the face of different markets, we have different quality levels. The main promotion for Euro and US markets is the premium level. The main promotion for the Middle East Market is the standard level.

Third, the different quality level has different cutting speed and working life.

Asphalt Cutting Blade With U Slot

Asphalt Cutting Blade With U Slot

Corediam Introduction

Corediam Tools Co., Ltd., as a high-tech enterprise, concentrates on researching & developing the manufacturing and marketing diamond tools industry. We have the most extensive, innovative, and powerful range of diamond tools for construction, stone, and DIY markets. Corediam strives to be the leading professional supplier in the world through technology innovation.

Asphalt Cutting Blade With U Slot


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