Types and application scenarios of Diamond Wire

Mar. 19, 2024

Diamond wire saw is a cutting equipment that uses diamond as a cutting tool. It is composed of a metal rope covered with diamond particles. The hardness and wear resistance of the diamond particles enable the diamond wire saw to cut materials of various hardness and thickness, including stone, concrete, steel bars, etc.


Diamond is one of the hardest materials in the world and can cut any softer material. Therefore, almost all cutting materials can be cut by using diamond wires. In addition, during the cutting process, diamond wire saws produce less loss, which can maximize cost savings.


The working principle of the diamond wire saw is to place the diamond wire saw around the material to be cut, and use the friction generated by the high-speed running wire to grind the material. However, this method generates a lot of heat during cutting and requires cooling before use. Water, oil, or specialized cutting fluids can be used to cool the material.


Diamond wire saws also have different types due to the different materials they cut, including concrete, stone, etc.

One. Stone Diamond Wire. Commonly used in stone mining and processing industries.

1. Mining of rough materials and stones. In quarries and mines, it can help cut huge stone blocks into the required size and shape for subsequent processing and use.

2. Stone processing. It can be used to cut marble, granite and other types of stone to make various buildings, sculptures, decorations, etc.

Types and application scenarios of Diamond Wire


Two. Concrete Diamond Wire. Mainly used for cutting and demolition of concrete structures.

1. Building construction. Grooving, cutting and finishing concrete structures such as floors, walls, ceilings, etc. in new buildings.

2. Road maintenance. In road repair and renovation projects, concrete wire saws are used to cut structures such as concrete pavements, bridges, and sidewalks to allow for pavement repairs, widening, or diversions.

3. Bridge construction. In bridge construction, concrete wire saws are often used to cut concrete structures such as piers, abutments and decks to meet the needs of bridge design and construction.

4. Construction of underground facilities. In the construction of underground facilities such as underground pipelines, tunnels and underground parking lots, concrete wire saws are used to cut concrete foundations, walls and obstacles for the construction and maintenance of underground structures.

5. Demolition works. In building demolition and renovation projects, concrete wire saws are often used to cut concrete structures to facilitate building demolition and cleanup.

Types and application scenarios of Diamond Wire

"For tasks that require efficient, precise cutting, diamond wire saws are your choice. Whether you are cutting stone, concrete or other hard materials, diamond wire saws provide a reliable solution to make your job easier. Easier and more efficient."


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