Installation video and user manual for laser welded diamond saw blades

Jun. 30, 2023

Recently, due to the needs of the construction industry and road cutting projects, a safe and efficient cutting tool has received a lot of attention. Among them, the diamond saw blade produced by laser welding technology can not only cut various hard materials efficiently, but also because it is durable and safe. The characteristics have been widely used by customers.


The following is an introduction to the cutting process of the diamond saw blade of the laser welding machine. At the same time, we will provide customers with a complete saw blade installation video and the matters needing attention during use. In order to provide customers with convenience, it can be made into Use a safety brochure for easy viewing by customers.


The video shows the installation process of the laser welding saw blade in detail, from preparing the saw blade to how to fix the saw blade to the floor saw machine, every link is shown in detail. Whether you are a professional or an ordinary user, whether you use it yourself or purchase it on your behalf, you can easily install it according to the video tutorial. 

You can also search for the Corediam company channel in youtobe to view the specific video, or click the link below to watch.Laser welding saw blade installation process link: Laser welding saw blade installation demo

 Installation video and user manual for laser welded diamond saw blades

In order to ensure the safety of customers during use, before cutting, be sure to read the safety manual carefully, understand the basic knowledge of using the saw blade, and the operation guide for the use of the saw blade. By reading the manual and following the regulations during the cutting process, not only It can ensure the safety of users, and can better play the cutting advantages of saw blades. For example: 1. Before cutting with a laser welding saw blade, the operator needs to wear appropriate protective equipment: hard hat, goggles, work gloves, protective clothing, etc. 2. Check the overall condition of the cutting equipment to ensure that there are no loose and damaged parts. 3. Operation after stopping use: When the saw blade cutting is completed or needs to be suspended, it is necessary to turn off the power of the road cutting machine, and then remove the saw blade after the saw blade has completely stopped rotating.



Whether it is making an installation video for customers to provide saw blades, or writing a safety manual for saw blades, Corediam always focuses on the needs of customers, and constantly strives to provide ease of use and safety of products.

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