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How to choose the right angle grinder blade for cutting tiles ---User guidance

Jan. 11, 2024

Learn about tiles:

When we want to cut ceramic tiles in our daily lives, we usually think about what tools we need. But the choice of tools depends on the type of ceramic tiles to be cut. Ceramic tiles are not just a single material. They are usually made of a variety of materials, such as ceramics, porcelain, etc. The hardness of different ceramic tile materials is different, so different tile materials need to be used cutting tools.


When cutting tiles, it is necessary to choose the right tool. In order to get the cleanest and most accurate cutting effect, some professionals usually use tile cutting blades and tile saws, which can also reduce the probability of tile breakage. However, since the use of a tile saw requires certain training and operation under the guidance of professionals, it is not very popular to use a tile saw for cutting in daily life. At this time, I recommend another tool for you - an angle grinder. You can use it to cut ceramic tiles. An angle grinder is another great tool for cutting tiles, as long as you choose the right tile saw blade for your angle grinder. Angle grinders are often used to cut vents, kitchen sinks, walls, etc. The cutting surface will be rough, but because the edges of these locations will be modified, it is very convenient to use an angle grinder for cutting. At the same time, it Also a tool that can be used to cut the edges of tiles into curved shapes, the saw blades used on angle grinders are smaller in size, usually ranging from 4inch to 7inch.

After choosing a tool for cutting tiles, in order to get the best cutting effect, it is crucial to choose the most suitable tile cutting blade. Some saw blade performance and size factors will also affect the cutting effect of the diamond blade, so we need to understand the knowledge that affects the cutting effect of the saw blade.


-Saw blade type

There are three main types of saw blades:

1. Continuous rim saw blade. It has a smooth, clean and chip-free cut, making it the best choice for ceramic tile cutting.

2. Segmented saw blade. The segmented design enables faster cutting and better chip removal for harder materials such as stone.

3. Turbo saw blade. The turbo design ensures cutting accuracy and speed. It has a wide range of uses.

For a more detailed introduction to saw blade types, please refer to our other news article.

-Saw blade quality

The segment of a diamond saw blade needs to be made of high-quality diamond particles and manufactured through a number of different production processes, such as laser welding and hot-pressing sintering processes, to achieve a balance between the durability of the saw blade and cutting efficiency.


-Saw blade life

Some saw blades have special coatings, such as anti-corrosion or heat-resistant coatings, that can improve the performance and service life of the saw blade.


-Saw blade size

The size of the saw blade and the size of the center hole must be selected to match the equipment used. The saw blade size matched by the corneal machine is 4inch-7inch. Make sure the size of the saw blade is within this range. In addition, the size of the center hole of the saw blade also needs to match the size of the angle grinder spindle. Otherwise, the saw blade will shake during use, causing a safety hazard. Usually, we also provide washers in some saw blades to prevent the saw blade from being in contact with the tool. There is a problem of size mismatch, but the most important thing is to choose the right size. The gasket is only an auxiliary function.


-Saw blade function

Due to the mutual friction between the saw blade and the material being cut during the cutting process, a large amount of heat will be generated. Some saw blades themselves will have cooling holes or opening slots to help the saw blade dissipate heat and cool down. At the same time, a large amount of heat will be generated during cutting. Dust requires cutting in different environments. For example, tile cutting requires the use of water in a wet environment to cool the saw blade and reduce dust. Some saw blades also have safety features, with vibration damping and rubber sound-absorbing grooves to provide users with a safe and comfortable cutting experience.

After understanding the characteristics of some of the above saw blade selections, what type of saw blade is most suitable for cutting ceramic tiles?


Using traditional segmented saw blades may chip the tiles when cutting, so we should choose a diamond saw blade with a continuous edge and thinner than a standard saw blade to cut tiles, which will have a clean and smooth cutting effect, and Not prone to chipping. You can choose several tile saw blades from Corediam for testing. I believe its cutting effect will not disappoint you!


After selecting the saw blade, how should we use the angle grinder to cut?


For example, we just want to get a curved ceramic tile. Since a lot of dust will be generated during the cutting process, the most important thing to do when cutting is to wear appropriate safety protection equipment, such as protective masks, glasses, etc. Then in order to get a good cutting effect, we cannot rotate the saw blade on the cutting curve during the cutting process, so we first need to cut lightly, and then deepen the cut over and over again at this arc position, so that the cut tiles are very smooth Perfect and the tiles have very little chipping. Regarding the installation tutorial of the saw blade, you can view our cutting video to help you complete the operation.


What precautions should be taken when using an angle grinder to cut ceramic tiles?

1. Make sure the saw blade is securely installed.

2. Apply gentle pressure to the tool during the cutting process to avoid using excessive force and causing the tiles to break.

3. The tiles should be fixed well to prevent them from moving during the cutting process and causing danger to the operator.

4. After the cutting is completed, wait for the blade to stop completely before putting down the angle grinder.

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