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How to choose diamond grinding cup wheel?

Nov. 29, 2023

One. Diamond grinding wheel definition.


Diamond grinding wheel is one of the diamond tools, mainly used for surface processing of various materials. The diamond segment is welded or otherwise placed on a metal matrix in the shape of a bowl. It is usually used to polish concrete, stone and other materials on the ground grinder.


Two. Choose diamond grinding wheel need to consider factors.

1. Diamond segment. Diamond segment is the working part of the grinding wheel, used for grinding materials of different hardness, once the cutter head part is completely worn, the diamond grinding wheel can not be used. Diamond grinding wheel has different segment shapes, such as arrow segment, double row, single row, T segment, radioactive grinding wheel and so on.

How to choose diamond grinding cup wheel?cid=5             How to choose diamond grinding cup wheel?cid=5


2. Diamond granularity. There are two main types: coarse and fine.

From the perspective of grinding effect, working on the rough concrete surface is suitable for using coarse-grained diamond grinding wheels, and generally the diamond particle size of 30#-40#can ensure that the work is completed. If you want to get a better grinding effect, you need to use a grinding wheel with a finer diamond particle size, and the diamond particle size is generally higher than 40#.

From the perspective of work intensity, when the work of removing a large amount of material needs to be completed in a short time, the use of lower particle size diamond grinding wheels will be better. When the details of the grinding material are required to be high or the grinding of very brittle materials, the use of higher particle size grinding wheels is required.


3. The hardness of the cutting material: when grinding the hard surface, it is necessary to choose the soft tire wheel; If the ground is quite soft, we can choose a relatively hard matrix.


4. Type of cutting material. Diamond grinding wheels can be used to polish different materials, such as concrete floors, stone, and can also be used to remove some surface coatings.


5. Work environment. In wet environments, large diameter grinding wheels are usually used, and water helps to cool the surface of the wheel and extend its service life. In the dry environment, the smaller size of the grinding wheel will be more popular, and will not generate too much heat during the grinding process.

How to choose diamond grinding cup wheel?cid=5

Above we have a preliminary understanding of diamond grinding cup wheel, know what factors should be considered in the choice of grinding wheel, Corediam company in the diamond grinding wheel can provide you with a variety of product choices, in the choice of the most suitable grinding wheel can also give the most appropriate advice, welcome to buy our diamond grinding wheel products!

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