Four types of diamond blade for tile cutting

Aug. 15, 2023

When users want to cut tiles themselves, what tools should they choose to do the cutting? The first consideration is the diamond saw blade!


Next I gave them four free choices of saw blades to use for cutting tiles.


1. Continuous rim saw blade. 

CTSA110 (1).jpg

2. Continuous rim with silent slot saw blade.


3. Continuous turbo saw blade.

CTSD105 (2).jpg

4. Super thin ceramic blade. (K Turbo blade,Mesh Turbo blade).

k turbo saw blade.jpg         

mesh turbo saw blade.jpg


Why do you need these types of saw blades? According to the cutting material to choose, so we need to choose a special saw blade for ceramic tile cutting.

Let's have a basic understanding of these four different types of tiles!


1. Turbo continuous saw blade. The turbo segment can be used to clean and fast cut hard tiles, and can be used to meet the general ceramic tile cutting requirements of customers, but its cutting effect is not as good as the ultra-thin ceramic saw blade.


2. Continuous rim tile saw blade. This premium grade tile cuts better, cuts more cleanly and does not produce chipping.


3. Continuous tile blade with silent slot. The function of the silent slot is to improve the cutting speed of the diamond blade, compared with the continuous rim tile, its cutting speed is faster, the cutting surface is smooth, but the cutting process will produce relatively much debris.


4. Super thin ceramic cutting blade (K turbo diamond blade,Mesh turbo diamond blade). The above three types of saw blades can only be used in a wet environment, but this tile sheet can be used for dry cutting, cutting speed, smooth cutting. However, it has the disadvantage that it cannot be as clean as the continuous rim tile cutting.

According to the advantages and disadvantages of different cutting of the above four kinds of saw blades, you need the most suitable saw blade for you. What you need to consider clearly is that you are more concerned about the effect of the saw blade cutting, whether you need high cutting speed or you want to cut clean; Whether you need to cut in a dry environment or a wet environment. Any saw blade can help you get the job done, if you choose a cheap saw blade, you often sacrifice some things, such as speed, service life, cleanliness and so on. Usually, the expensive saw blade can help you complete the job more perfectly and the saw blade will last longer.

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