corediam year-end conference 2023 summary and 2024 plan

Jan. 23, 2024

Last week, Corediam held the group's annual summary meeting, which was aimed at summarizing the 2023 annual mission and the 2024 annual plan.

Corediam year-end conference | 2023 Summary and 2024 Plan

At the conference, our general manager Michael gave a speech on the company's development strategy, and summed up 2023 in four words: "enrich, upward, think, act.”


In 2023, the Corediam will have the following hanges.


1. Corediam participated in two exhibitions, the 134th Canton Fair and Dubai BIG5 Exhibition, Corediam sales team actively prepared for the exhibition, committed to have their own characteristics in the exhibition layout, face-to-face communication with customers, so that customers more real and diverse understanding of Corediam company and diamond tools.

2. Corediam provides customers with product testing services, Corediam diamond tools from production to delivery every step of the professional personnel responsible for quality testing, in addition, also passed the international standard certification. Diamond saw blade and diamond core drill also features the main push product cutting drill sample test video.

3. Corediam welcomes customers to visit the factory. In the process of visiting the factory, our sales staff will accompany the whole process to provide customers with professional product explanation, customers can carry out field visits to understand the production strength of Corediam, ensure the production delivery, so that customers can fully understand the various links of the product.

4. Corediam provides customers with warm after-sales service. In addition to the quality of products, delivery and other customer concerns, we have also prepared a good warm experience for customers. Corediam will send sincere wishes and gifts to customers on their birthdays and various festivals, so that customers can experience the enthusiasm and sincerity of Corediam.

Corediam year-end conference | 2023 Summary and 2024 Plan

Looking back to 2023, Corediam has made some upgrades in customer service, promoting the company's brand and culture through various channels such as online platforms, social media and offline exhibitions.

Corediam year-end conference | 2023 Summary and 2024 Plan

In 2024, Michael redefined the orientation of the company, "safe, professional and efficient", and the company's vision is to "strive to be the preferred supplier of diamond tools to professional customers". The development strategic goals of 2024 company are formulated from the perspectives of products, customers, brand influence and marketing.


At the same time, the company's personnel composition has been subdivided, sales staff to provide customers with the most professional product services, after-sales service department to ensure the stability of the industrial chain for customers, stable delivery, and better meet customer needs.


In addition, the market of target customers is summarized and expanded. According to the demand of economic development trend, the company plans to open up new markets and strengthen the influence of stabilizing existing markets. At the same time, improve the market insight, online and offline marketing combination, improve the market conversion rate and share.

Corediam year-end conference | 2023 Summary and 2024 Plan


Corediam has the broadest, innovative and robust range of diamond tools for the construction, stone and DIY markets. Corediam's main products are 350mm laser welding saw blade, wall saw blade, sintered saw blade, grinding products (grinding wheel, grinding plate, grinding disc), laser welding diamond core drill. Corediam quality has passed the international standard certification, you can rest assured of safe use!


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