Customers are concerned about the service life of diamond saw blades

Nov. 07, 2023

ONE. Diamond saw blade cutting principle


      Due to the high hardness of diamond, it is usually used to cut all hard materials such as concrete, stone, and ceramic tiles that are lower than its hardness. The working principle of a diamond saw blade is that the diamond particles in the cutter head rotate at high speed and generate huge friction with the material to be cut, thereby cutting hard materials. Since the two are in constant friction during use, Diamond is constantly consumed, so the service life of the diamond saw blade is also limited.


TWO. The service life of diamond is affected by many factors, including some factors in the saw blade production process and how workers use the saw blade.

      1. The quality of the raw material of the saw blade has a decisive impact on its service life. Generally speaking, high-quality diamonds and bonding agents can increase the service life of saw blades. Choose diamond cutting blade produced by well-known and regular manufacturers.

      2. Select a saw blade that matches the material being cut. Factors such as the hardness, humidity, and temperature of the object being cut will also affect the service life of the diamond cutting disc. For example, when cutting hard and brittle materials such as granite, the service life of the diamond saw blade will be shorter.

     3. Storage environment of saw blades: If diamond saw blades are exposed to dry, high temperature, and dusty environments for a long time, their aging may be accelerated and their service life shortened.

     4. Saw blade usage environment and operation method: Incorrect operation methods will accelerate the wear of the diamond saw blade. For example, overuse, frequent blade changes, incorrect cutting angles, etc. may shorten the service life of the saw blade.

THREE. To maximize the value of the saw blade and obtain a longer service life, we have some suggestions for customers and users:

   Users should pay attention to the following when working with saw blades:

     1. Correctly choose the saw blade: Choose the appropriate saw blade according to the cutting object and cutting requirements. Diamond blades of different materials and particle sizes are suitable for different working scenarios. Choosing the right saw blade can improve cutting efficiency and reduce wear and damage.

     2. Correctly install and debug the saw blade: Correctly install and debug the saw blade according to the operation manual. Make sure that the size of the saw blade matches the main shaft of the equipment being used, and that the saw blade is installed securely. Avoid excessive force or knocking during installation to avoid damaging the saw blade.

     3. Reasonably control cutting parameters: During the cutting process, reasonably control parameters such as cutting speed, feed speed, and cutting depth. Depending on the material and thickness, choosing appropriate cutting parameters can improve cutting efficiency and extend the service life of the saw blade.

    4.  Keep cool and lubricated: During the cutting process, timely cooling and lubricating the saw blade can reduce friction and prevent heat concentration, thereby extending the service life of the saw blade. 

    5.  Avoid overuse: Avoid long-term continuous work or high-intensity workload to avoid overheating and excessive wear of the saw blade.

    6.  Regular inspection and maintenance: Users should regularly check the wear and usage status of the saw blade. If abnormal wear or damage is found, replace or repair it in time. At the same time, regularly clean the dust and debris on the surface of the saw blade to keep it clean and in good working condition.

    7.  Perform daily maintenance on the saw blade. When replacing the saw blade, handle it with care. The correctly installed or disassembled saw blade must be coated with anti-rust oil and then laid flat or hung up by using the inner hole.Do not stack other items or feet on the flat diamond saw blade. Step on it, and pay attention to moisture, rust, etc.


   Customers should note:

   1.  Choose diamond saw blades produced by regular manufacturers. Extend the service life of the saw blade from the quality of the raw materials.

   2.  Choose equipment with higher accuracy. Ensure that the speed of the machine is uniform during the cutting process, and the saw blade is evenly stressed during cutting, so that the consumption of the blade is relatively uniform. Therefore, choosing equipment with high precision will help extend the service life of the saw blade.

   3.  Train and educate workers: Users should learn and educate on the correct use and maintenance of diamond saw blades before working with saw blades, so as to improve operating skills and safety awareness.

In general, the service life of diamond saw blades is affected by many factors. Proper use and maintenance of diamond saw blades can significantly increase their service life.

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