Brief introduction of diamond saw blade

Jan. 31, 2020

The diamond saw blade is mainly composed of two parts: the steel core and the segment. The diamond segment plays a cutting role during use. It contains diamonds, which can cut and rub against the processed object, but the diamond segment will be continuously consumed as the cutting material is cut. The steel core does not, and the steel core is the supporting part of the main purpose bonded cutter head.

Diamond saw blades are often used for cutting hard and brittle materials such as stone, concrete, and ceramics.

In terms of manufacturing process, diamond saw blades are mainly divided into the following three types:

1. Welding diamond saw blades, which are divided into laser welding and high-frequency welding.

Laser welding is to melt the contact edge of the diamond segment and the steel core through a high-temperature laser beam, and then weld them together. In high-frequency welding, there is a layer of medium between the diamond segment and the steel core, and then the medium is melted, and the two parts are welded together.

2. Sintered diamond saw blade: divided into hot-press sintering and cold-press sintering.

3. Electroplating diamond saw blade: The blade powder is attached to the substrate by electroplating.

Brief introduction of diamond saw blade

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