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Diamond Core Drill Bits

Diamond Concrete Core Drill Bits designed for effectively drilling a variety of materials including concrete, reinforced concrete, cured concrete, asphalt and other common substances.

Corediam Tools, a reputable and dedicated diamond concrete core drill bits manufacturer with many years experience, specializing in the manufacture of masonry core bits ideal for drilling concrete, and reinforced concrete. Our diamond concrete core drill bits are widely used in angle grinder, drilling machine, electrical drill and hydraulic equipment. Diamond segment for concrete core drill bit Re-tipping is also available for wholesale.

We carry an extensive selection of diamond core bit sizes suitable for all types of hardness of concrete, reinforced concrete surfaces. Regardless of the size of your drilling project, we have a concrete core drill bits for you. 

Our concrete diamond core drill bits are available in regular sizes from 1 in. (25 mm) to 14 in. (350 mm). However, other sizes are available upon request. Standard length is 450mm.

We provide two types of diamond concrete core drill bits: dry and wet. The dry diamond core bits are specifically crafted for dry core drilling scenarios. Their water-free operation simplifies and expedites usage. Ideally suited for soft bricks, building blocks, concrete blocks, and surfaces containing electrical wiring, dry core drilling is effortlessly achieved. On the other hand, wet concrete drill bits are exclusively designated for wet core drilling endeavors, where water is utilized. This design enables you to tackle a broader spectrum of materials, encompassing cured or reinforced concrete and beyond.

At Corediam tools, You can buy Concrete Core Drill Bits in bulk or ask for a custom order. Both OEM and ODM are available:

- Segments height, working length and connection type can be customized according to your requirement.

- We can customize the color: red, black, orange, silver and so on.

- Better tell us the power of your drilling motor/handheld drilling machine/angle grinder and RPM request.

- OEM has a minimum order quantity requirement, you can negotiate with us for details.

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