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Core drills barrels of three-piece core bits

Core drill barrel

Applications: barrels of three-piece core drills etc as requested size...

Manufacturing Lathing, welding
Diameter range10mm-650mm
Working length450mm, OEM working length accept
Adaptor1 1/4''-7
ApplicationSegments welding on the core drill barrels making into diamond core drill

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Item No.Barrel diameter 
Tube Thickness 
Effective LengthAdapter
CCDB01015101.5450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB01215121.5450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB01415141.5450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB01615161.5450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB01815181.5450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB02015201.5450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB02220222.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB02420242.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB02520252.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB02620262.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB02820282.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB03020302.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB03220322.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB03420342.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB03520352.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB03620362.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB03720372.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB03820382.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB04020402.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB04520452.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB05020502.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB05520552.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB06020602.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB06520652.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB07020702.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB07520752.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB08020802.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB100201002.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB112201122.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB120201202.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB125201252.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB130201302.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB140201402.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB150251502.5450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB160251602.5450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB170251702.5450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB180251802.5450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB200252002.5450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB223252232.5450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB248252482.5450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB298252982.5450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB348303483.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB398303983.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB448304483.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB498304983.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB548305483.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB598305983.0450mm1 1/4"UNC
CCDB648306483.0450mm1 1/4"UNC


Manufacturer technology: lathing and welding

Suitable: wet drilling concrete, reinforced concrete, masonary with superior efficiency.


  • Core drills barrels of three-piece core bits

  • Core drills barrels of three-piece core bits

  • Core drills barrels of three-piece core bits

  • Core drills barrels of three-piece core bits


2 weeks for samples after order confirmed.
3 weeks for batch order after payment confirmed.

Diamond Core Drill Barrel for Several Drills as Your Requested


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